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Slope Angel is a piece of essential avalanche equipment that enables assessment of the safety of the terrain when skiers, mountaineers, hikers and rescue teams venture into the mountains away from marked pistes and trails.

• Two of the vital factors in identifying avalanche terrain/risk are slope angle and air temperature.

• Slope Angel is an electronic inclinometer and thermometer, designed to accurately measure mountain slope gradients between 0° to 90° and air temperature °C and °F.

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During the last winter season we have had the opportunity to do a lot of market testing and get feed back from the original unit we launched. With this knowledge we have developed the “Slopeangel Halo” which now has 6 main functions:

  • Transceiver Checker
  • Thermometer
  • Slope angle
  • 24hr Clock
  • Altimeter
  • Power Monitor
    Slope Angel Halo


The Slope Angel team are dedicated to providing information and products that will enable you to make safer decisions in the mountains.

We design tough, compact devices that will help you to assess your environment, conditions and avalanche risk.

Read our safety guide below or download a hi res version here


Slope Angel safety guide


We have *eventually* set up an @shavenraspberry #Facebook page! To get the ball rolling we have set a wee comp to win one of our popular waterproof #Notebook and #powertank pens. Follow the link like, share and comment for a chance to win #getoutside

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