Privacy Policy


At Slope Angel we are committed to ensuring that your personal information is protected and never misused.

Our privacy policy explains what personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, the control you have over your personal information and the procedures we have in place to protect your personal information. It applies to personal information we collect through our website or events

By sharing your personal information with us, and by continuing to use our websites, you confirm that you have read and understood the terms of this privacy policy. We take responsibility for the personal information we collect about you, and we aim to be transparent about how we handle it, and give you control over it.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any aspect of this privacy policy or how Slope Angel handles your information, please email us at [email protected]

Privacy principle

Privacy policies can be complicated. We have tried to make ours as clear and as accessible as possible. To help, we have also summarised how we handle your personal information at Slope Angel in our privacy principles below. These principles demonstrate our commitment to protecting your privacy and handling your personal information in the right way and as you would expect it to be handled.

At Slope Angel we:

  • Will only ask for or collect the personal information we need to provide and improve the service, products and experiences our customers expect.
  • Give you control over the personal information we hold about you to ensure it is accurate and reflects your preferences.
  • Make sure your personal information is always secure and protected.
  • Are fair and transparent about how we use the personal information we hold.
  • Only ever use your personal information for the purpose that you trusted us to use it for.
  • Will never sell your personal information and only share it as outlined in our privacy policy or when you ask us to.
  • Respect your choices and will inform you if there are important changes that affect your personal information or how we use it.
  • Take responsibility for the personal information that we hold about you.

What personal information do we collect?

Our main reason for collecting your personal information is to provide and improve the service, products and experiences that you and our customers expect from us.

Personal information is defined slightly differently across the world. To guarantee your privacy and the protection of your information, we define it as any information that could be used to identify you or another individual.

We collect personal information about you in a number of different ways. In this section, we explain the different ways we collect personal information about you and the ways in which that information will be used. For more detail on how we use your personal information, please see the section titled “How do we use your personal information?”.

Information you share with us

We collect personal information that you share with us when you contact us or interact with us through our website, email, stands and events, or otherwise.

For example, you may provide information to us when you contact our customer service teams, place an order, register your warranty, complete a survey, competition or questionnaire, update your preferences and account information or connect through our website.

Through these interactions you may share with us: your name, address, e-mail address, contact number and payment information. In some circumstances, we will need that information to be able to provide you with a product or service that you have asked for; for example, we need your payment information when you buy a product, and your address to deliver it to you.

If you share details of other people with us (for example, if you have bought a Slope Angel product for that other person), then you will need to check with that person that they are happy for you to share their personal information with us, and for us to use it in accordance with this privacy policy.


When you visit the Slope Angel website, we place a text file called a ‘cookie’ in the browser directory of your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is a small piece of information that a website can store on your web browser and later retrieve. The cookie cannot be read by any website other than the one that set up the cookie.

Cookies enable this website to recognise the information you have consented to give to this website, and help us determine what portions of this website are most appropriate for your needs. As a result, cookies will allow you to receive appropriate content. Cookies passed to your browser do not compromise your security by storing or passing passwords, email address or detailed information. We do NOT use cookies to examine your surfing behaviour before or after leaving this website. We do NOT pass cookie information to third party or use them in a way that would compromise your privacy.

If at any time you believe that Slope Angel has not followed the above policy, or if you would like your information to be removed from our system, please email us at [email protected] and we will make reasonable efforts to identify and correct any problem.

Email Communications

As a user of our products or services, we will send you support communications by e-mail. As long as you are happy for us to do so, we would also like to keep you posted on anything that’s happening at Slope Angel which we think you might like to know about; whether it’s our latest product announcements or upcoming events, we want to make sure you’re happy with the communications you receive from us. You can find out how to update or change whether you would like to hear from us, or stop us contacting you, in the section below titled ‘How can you change the way that we contact you?’

Social Media

We enjoy interacting with you on social media. You may use social media to contact us about your Slope Angel products, or to let people know what you think about your Slope Angel to get a better understanding of what people are saying about us, and our products, technology and services and to assist consumers who prefer to contact us through social media.

These online and social media sites typically have their own privacy policies explaining how they use and share your personal information. You should carefully review those privacy policies before you use these sites to make sure that you are happy with how your personal information is being collected and shared.

What do we do with the information you share with us?

  • We use the personal information you share with us in the following ways:
  • To respond to your queries and requests;
  • To communicate with you;
  • To provide services and support for our products;
  • For customer satisfaction surveys to enable us to identify where service and product improvements can be made and to allow us to improve your experience should you need support from one of our experts;
  • To provide updates to you about any changes to Slope Angel’s policies, terms and conditions and any other matters which we may need to tell you;
  • As long as you are happy for us to do so, to tell you about our other products and services;

Finally, in some, relatively limited circumstances we will need to handle your personal information in a certain way to be able to comply with our legal obligations; for example, if we are requested to disclose your personal information to regulatory bodies or law enforcement authorities.

Ultimately, the reason we handle your personal information in the way we do is so that we can directly or indirectly, improve our products, services and your overall experience of Slope Angel as a business. Whatever our justification for handling your personal information we make sure that we take steps to honor our commitment to protect your privacy.

Slope Angel contact promise

We love to keep you posted, whether it’s on our latest product announcements or upcoming events.

We may do this in various ways, including e-mail, post, via social media platforms and by phone, but only if you are happy for us to do so. Ultimately, we want to make sure you’re happy with the communications you receive from us.

We therefore promise to:

  • Only send you marketing communications when you have told us it is ok to do so;
  • Never pass your personal information to anyone outside Slope Angel for them to use for their own marketing purposes; and give you the option to stop receiving support or marketing communications at any time.

Changing your preferences

If you have previously said that you would like us to contact you (“opted-in”) but would like to change or update the way that we do so, you can update your preferences by:

Contacting us on [email protected] and stating that you would like to change or update the way that we contact you

Opt-Out/Stop Contacting Me

If you want to stop receiving marketing or support communications from us (sometimes called “opting out”), you can do so at any time by:

Contacting us on [email protected] stating that you no longer wish to receive communications from us or by using the unsubscribe option included in our e-mail correspondence

What personal information do we share with others?

We never sell your personal information to anyone and only share it as outlined in this privacy policy or when you ask us to.

Other providers

We may share your personal information with certain third party service providers. They only have access to the personal information they need to perform those services. They are required to keep your personal information confidential and may not use it other than as we ask them to and always in accordance with this privacy policy. Those third party service providers fall into the following categories:

  • Certain distributors, who help us to sell our products in certain countries;
  • Those helping us to deliver products to you;
  • Third parties that help us with mailing services, product services and repairs, processing product purchases, financial services, audit services, administrative services, IT technologies (e.g. data storage), security services and insurance claims;
  • Third parties that help us to provide services and responses to you.
  • Third parties that help us with our advertising and marketing

We want to make sure that our advertising and marketing is relevant and interesting to you and our other customers. That means that we may work with third parties to help us to understand how well our online advertising works, or to reach people who are more interested in Slope Angel products.

Other third parties

We may share certain personal information with third parties who help us to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. The information we share with those third parties includes some of the information that you share with us (such as, your contact details and information about the transaction), and some of the information from your online interactions (such as the IP address of your device). That information is used to determine whether a transaction could be fraudulent.

We may also share your personal information if we are required to do so by law, including in response to a legal process, such as a court order or subpoena, or to comply with other national, state, provincial or local laws.

How do we protect your personal information?

We are committed to protecting your personal information. We use appropriate technical and organisational measures, including encryption, to protect your personal information and privacy, and review those regularly. We protect your personal information using a combination of physical and IT security controls, including access controls that restrict and manage the way in which your personal information and data is processed, managed and handled.

In the unlikely event that we do suffer a security breach that compromises our protection of your personal information and we need to let you know about it, we will do so.

If we change our privacy policy, we will post the details on this page. If we have your e-mail address, we may also e-mail you with information on those changes. If we need to, we will also ask you to confirm that you are happy with those changes.

This privacy policy was last reviewed and updated in May 2018.

This privacy policy has been translated from English into the official language of one or more countries. We have done this to make sure that the policy is clear and accessible to all users of our websites.

If there are any conflicts or inconsistencies between the translated versions of this privacy policy, the English version will prevail.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or would like to make a complaint about how we use the personal information we hold about you, please email us at [email protected], or write to us:




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